Since my childhood I am next to my design passion also a passionated music lover. Never got taught an instrument and just followed my heart. In 2015 I started to collect vinyls and played them. I started to create music mixes for myself. With tracks which I do like. It is always a kind of a meditation for me. The combination of design and music does fulfill my passion, my heart and my dream.
It is more than just listen to something or looking to a picture. It is a story to tell. I play 80s, House, Disco, Italo, Dark Disco, Nu Disco and when the mood is right then I also love Techno. Since beginning of this year (2019) I got the chance to play at different clubs and locations. It makes me happy to share the music to people and see their happy smile.

You wanna dance? Looking forward to hear from you and to see your happy smile.






13.05.2021 HÖR, Berlin


07.08.2020  Berzdorfer See - Sommer

                  Biergarten / GÖRLITZ

05.06.2020  UNITED WE STREAM x ICH &                       DU Open Air / DRESDEN 

01.06.2020  Objekt Klein a Biergarten 

28.03.2020  Klubnetz Dresden e.V.                                 Livestream 

05.02.2020  Groove Station, Dresden / Midi

01.01.2020  Objekt klein a, Dresden - NYE /                   Jahresrückblick



09.11.2019   Plan B, Dresden


14.07.2019   Feel Festival/Bassnest
12.06.2019   Groove Station Dresden/

                   Midi Disco
29.05.2019   TBA, Dresden/

                   Republik Disco
12.05.2019   Sektor Evolution, Dresden/                    Equilibrium
20.04.2019   Objekt klein a, Dresden
12.04.2019   Links neben der Tanke,

03.03.2019   Sektor Evolution, Dresden
28.02.2019   TBA, Dresden



Nov 2019     Uncanny Valley //

                   UV Podcast 076 - Rob/nson


May 2019     Frission Music //

                   Sans Serif #41 w/ Robinson

Jan 2019      disco/nnect

                   #10 ROBINSON disco/nnect